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Shellfieldtech Property

We sell beautiful luxurious houses at affordable prices in Lekki, Ajah, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, etc. Do you want to invest? Buy any of our property and we can help you resell it for 200% of its value after 12 months.


Earn ₦2 Million – ₦5 Million+ monthly just by posting pictures and videos of beautiful houses for sale on social media.

You’re already spending time on social media, so why not make money at the same time? Do you know that you can actually become a MULTI MILLIONAIRE in less than a year, just by spending THE SAME amount of TIME you’re already spending on social media?

Think about it…

Even if it takes 3 months for one person to buy a house from us through you, is the reward not worth your time?

If you earn ₦2 Million – ₦5 Million+ in 3 months just by posting pictures and videos of beautiful luxurious houses for sale on social media, is it not worth it?

We believe the money is worth giving it a try!


We will handle the selling process to convince your referral to buy the property and pay you a commission to appreciate you for directing the buyer to us.


Step 1. Download and install our mobile app (Android & iOS) via this link

Step 2. Click the menu icon (the 3 white dash) at the top left inside the app and click the “Affiliates” menu.

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom of the affiliate page and fill out the affiliate registration form for FREE.

Step 4. Our team will guide you on how to promote our property online (just by posting on social media).

Step 5. When interested buyers contact you, send their contact details to us and we will handle all the selling process to convince them to buy the property, and pay you your commission (within ₦2 Million – ₦5 Million+) after they make the purchase.

Step 6. Enjoy Your Millions!!!

That’s It. As Simple As A, B, C.